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"Fences Fence You In"

When Maria finds that her brother Stefan has pilfered two rubbish bags of torn crumpled paper from his rounds as a garbage man, she sets about gluing the scraps back together and soon discovers it is an abandoned novel.

Instinctively Maria knows a ghastly truth is hidden within these fragments.....Why does Ted Barr refer to himself as a murderer and who is this itinerant hobo who the Barrs have named "Dingoman" that prowls the Barr's fence-line? And when Stefan is threatened, told to return the manuscript to its rightful owner or his house will be burnt to the ground the siblings know they have in their possession something more than just a manuscript. They are holding evidence. 



"Skin Deep"

When socialite Justine Clifford, daughter of Basil Clifford QC accepts the marriage proposal with Olley Hughes, the new "darling" of the art world, she soon finds out she has bitten off more than she can chew. Their acrimonious separation leads Olley Hughes spiralling off into a world of drugs and debauchery while neglecting his once prolific painting career.

The boredom of Justine's rebound relationship with Phillip Lester has her falling for the bohemian seductress Sienna Lamb, which leads them to crossing paths with the criminal underworld and Martin (Sticky Beak) Byrd, a violent psychopath. Soon dead bodies begin to appear in the neighbourhood.

Recently promoted Police Detective Don Bourke bumbles his way through the investigations. The web of entanglements makes the obvious impossible for Bourke to pinpoint.


"The Orchardist"

When Orchardist Les Lime is asked by the itinerant traveler Toby Miller if he ever took the time to ponder the sky for more than the weather, his trees for more than profit, the grass under his feet for more than a hindrance that only made work for him each day, the concept turns Les Lime's world upside down. His troubled marriage and financially strapped farm hit rock bottom when his self-centred wife takes a bite of the forbidden fruit.

Reviewed by Sue Crompton

Les Lime hasn't got that much going for him. Firstly there is his unfortunate name. Then there is his money-hungry psycho wife Marie. Thanks to her, Les has cultivated a mistrust of strangers while their two daughters have been convinced by Marie that their father is off his rocker.

One day, a young traveller named Toby arrives in the orchard. He sets about broadening Les's approach and perspective in life. It is a struggle. Yet in the process Les learns to like himself and life itself, and finds a little happiness. But before Les can completely settle into nurturing this new-found joy, his marriage is shattered and Les's life hits rock-bottom. He finds himself isolated and alone and sadly he allows his life to be consumed by the bottle.

However, this is not the end for Les Lime; there is a brighter future. One I refuse to reveal to you as I prefer you to find it out for yourself.
I know you will enjoy the many twists and surprising insights. I must say this book left me uplifted. This is a must read novel. SC Dec 2011

Available at $20.00 (plus p&p)

"The Truth Stream"

The third and final part of the trilogy  ($20.00 +p&p)

The Truth Stream opens with the retreat of those that have survived the battle for Lair City, escaping across the Great River.

Zekai Manci's rule is over.
Epic, Solo and Nua struggle to centre themselves, to understand their place within the complexity of the Truth Stream, isolating themselves from the Kuaha village, only to return stronger, in readiness for the final battle with the Aliens.

Woven through this fast-paced saga of conflict is a delightful twist; an imaginative leap that delivers a new dimension to the trilogy. A marvelous fantasy that lifts one's spirit.



"In an Upside Down World"

2ND PART OF THE TRILOGY ($20.00 +p&p)

Part 1 - delivers the shocking events that have led to Lair City’s birth, and the history of the Undercity and Shanks’s Dynasty. Here we find the Truthstream fighting back, and the power that resides in the boughs of Oak, ‘The-Tree-That-Never-Sleeps’.

Part 2 - Epic, with Solo and Ubu, accompanied by Neke the mystical snake and Nua of the Kuaha, return to Lair City…




The Novel - "The Birth of Superbird"

Tom’s novel is available at ($20.00 +p&p)

"Based on the age-old story of good versus evil. Two worlds colliding. An intricate tale of Lairs and Half-lights, magical creatures, humans and their offspring. Macabre, uplifting, the tale translates into a thrilling ride of colour and incantations climaxing with the birth of the long-lost mythical creature Epic of the Superbirds. Two human children, Race and Bella, their closest friend Solo; a Half-light, are the pivotal and principal characters in this fantastic journey."

Reader’s comments:

"Tom’s narrative is epic. He confidently paints his characters and scenes to make us feel we are immersed in one of his symbolically surreal art works! I loved the story, scenes and characters as he applied the layers and found the book quickly became my best friend, one I found hard to put down until finished!" 
J.B. Montreal

"It is a great read! It was so amazing to tie Tom's art, movie and now the book together. I was constantly picturing Lair City and its rhetorical terror in my mind. The writing conjured up some amazing images from Smelt to Zekai Manci to the dreaded Dr Hasame. But then the beauty of the Truth Stream made me think of such beautiful wide open spaces and how fragile it is in this world. I can't wait for the next installment to see why Solo has to go back to Lair City, and what of Zekai Manci and Smelt? Only time will tell....

A wicked book, Tom! I loved it!"
C.T. London

I finished The Birth of Superbird last nite. I loved it, rushed ending but wonderfully heart-warming. So much to pack into a visual extravaganza. A finale I expected. 
A.C. Auckland

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"The Birth of Superbird"

The animated short film by Tom Mutch in association with Rob Nunn

© 2004 Birds Nest Studio Productions


The Book - "Tom Mutch - Antipodean Artist"

Covering 30 years of his work, published by David Bateman Ltd, released in October 2004, gives Tom's full history. A must for those who love art and art history.  Not available


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